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Hi!  Welcome to your Boho Wishlist. Once you have added your rental items, go through the process of checking out. You will NOT be required to pay at this time. This is simply a request. We will check the availability of the items you requested and email to let you know if your items are available along with payment details.  

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email at We can't wait to connect!

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Self Porch Pick Ups and Drop offs are free and no minimum! Location is Doylestown, PA

Minimum for Deliveries

  • There is a $200 minimum order for deliveries within an hour each way from our location, Doylestown, PA. Delivery is then calculated based on the details below. We do not do any deliveries for orders under our minimum. 

  • There is minimum of $300 of rental order for delivery request over an hour from our location in Doylestown, PA,

  •  There is an additional late night fee of pick ups after 9pm.​

Delivery rate is based on

i. Size of order

ii. Gas, mileage, and time with traveling to the drop off location and back

Iii. Number of delivery trucks if they are large orders

iii. Total time and labor

iv. We do not do breakdowns of the items, we require clients to have rentals packed and ready for pick-up at the agreed-upon scheduled time.

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